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Solar street lamp manufacturer: how much is the street lamp price?


At present, solar street lamps are widely used. As an energy-saving, environmental friendly, economical and practical street lamp, it is deeply loved by the majority of users. Compared with ordinary street lamps, its advantages are obvious. The sun lamp is a one-time investment, which basically recovers the cost in three years and buys better raw materials at the lowest price,

And the general municipal street lamp consumes a lot of power every day. Solar street lamp is a new type of street lamp that uses solar energy to convert into electric energy. Its advantages have been favored by many customers!

Therefore, the development prospect of the solar energy market is still very considerable. The market is large. Solar street lamps will be used in many road lighting projects, which has a large demand. However, for enterprises in the hometown of street lamps, the competition is very fierce and the pressure is also great. Many small street lamp enterprises often go bankrupt overnight. In order to survive in this depressed environment, the first thing is not to be eliminated by this industry.

1. Compared with the price of a single product, the cost of solar street lamp is higher than that of electric street lamp;

2. Compared with the cost incurred in the whole construction process, the initial cost of installing solar street lamps is slightly higher than that of electric street lamps;

3. In terms of street lamp scale, the larger the scale, the higher the relevant cost of street lamp installation, and the initial cost will be higher than that of solar street lamp;

4. From the use of street lamps, compared with solar street lamps, the use cost of electric street lamps is much higher, and with the increase of the number of years, the related costs, such as electricity and labor costs, are also higher and higher.

Generally speaking, the solar street lamp is an investment without any maintenance cost. The investment can be recovered in three to five years and benefit for a long time; The electricity cost of electric street lamps is high, and there is a fixed high electricity cost in the work of electric lighting lamps. It is necessary to carry out long-term maintenance or replacement of lines and other configurations, and the maintenance cost increases year by year.